Friday, February 25, 2011

If I were not an Atheist, I'd call it Kismet

I have not posted here in over a year. Sorry to all you folks, but I think many of you follow me on Adventures in Nerdliness, so know I am not dead. I was thinking about something from my youth that may have kicked off my Atheism, and then get to work and see that the very excellent Darla Crane mentioned this blog. So, what the hell? Here goes.

Like most kids, I loved my grandparents. I was raised Catholic, partially, and all my grandparents (as far as I know) were Catholic. My paternal great grandfather went to church everyday, as did my maternal grandmother. In fact, up until my parents quit going to church (as it was too much of a chore) the only family member I knew did not go to church was my paternal grandfather, Tony.

Now, as an adult, I can see that Tony was a bit of a bastard. He was decent enough I guess, but a severe racist and the type to always have something to complain about. To be fair, he did have one of those American Dickensian upbringings; no father around, and he worked to support the family. I believe at one point he beat his father up to keep him away.

Since my Dad was in the Army we did not live near them, and when we would visit grandma would go to church, but grandpa did not. I only asked once why he did not go to church, as the answer was, "because he doesn't." We went to church until the three of us kids got to our first communion, then the parents felt they had done their Catholic duty and we quit going. Like I said, it was a chore. My parents, while obviously not religious, still seem to be believers, but I am pretty sure now that grandpa was an Atheist. I don't remember him praying before meals, or saying anything was a sin. He was not an overly educated man, but probably did well considering his upbringing. I like to think he was an Atheist like me; one who doesn't put a lot of thought into, but looks at religion and thinks "that is some crazy shit." He was self reliant and probably believed that praying for something wouldn't make it happen.

So, I give the old guy a hard time. He died years ago, and unfortunately his orneriness is his most memorable trait. I'll try to remember him more as someone who showed me the way; never proselytizing, just a guy I loved who didn't need some god to make him what he was.

Amen ;-)

Sunday, July 19, 2009


I want to start by saying I do not have all the facts here, but hope to express impressions related. Sound like a Republican, eh? ;-)

I am a member of the Cape Fear Atheists and Agnostics. We have some activist members, and some like me who enjoy hanging out with people where the thrice-buggered Nazarene will not raise his fanged head. Last night we had a meet-up at a bar & grill. Mostly talking. A new member is from Palestine, and here is the weird part.

He is roughly 35 years-old, gained his US citizenship nine years ago, but was never a citizen of Palestine. Apparently, no one is. Granting citizenship would imply sovereignty which Israel is not interested in offering.

Now, I do not wish to get into the who Israel/Palestine milieu. What struck me was how I am an Atheist mostly from common sense, and partly because of the evils of religion. His intelligence is likely the major factor in becoming an Atheist, but add to that the ridiculous fighting over some piece of shit ground that you could not give away, because of three religions with similar backgrounds and all too similar absurdity.

Ugh. I don't even know what I want to say...

Fuck religion. How's that?

Saturday, July 4, 2009

No idea where this came from, but I agree!

“A conservative Christian needn’t worry that she will accidentally disgrace herself by marrying a libertine, because the libertine has the decency to make his intentions known. In contrast, it’s hard to avoid close social relations with hypocritical traditionalists. Since they pretend to share socially conservative values, they worm their way into your life and your family. Then like the hypocrites they are, they shirk, lie, and adulterer, bringing shame to their spouses, children, and extended families.”

Monday, June 15, 2009

Pics and Thoughts

Ever wonder why there were no dinosaurs on Noah's Ark? Easy. The devil tried destroying the ark with his dino army.

Typically uptight women protest dirty movies, but when you control the boobies you also control the pecker. Convenient sandwich boards hide turgidity caused while discussing this day's filth.

Last, my new hero, I always thought he was funny, but now that he is a chubby, jolly, non-threatening atheist I can barely hold back the love. It is official: Ricky Gervaise is on my list, IYKWIM.

Last bit of business; I am converting to judaism. I will still be an atheist, but by being a jewish vegetarian I get to eat fish. Fish is paerve, meaning it is neither meat nor milk. I will have to give up shellfish, but that will be easy. I figure conversion will be easy. I'll get a subscription to Heeb. My first and middle names are highly jewish, and my last name has been questioned by jews in the past as being jewish.

Sade says we should mock religion, and what better way to mock than to get an actual benefit - fish!

Or maybe not. I can always mock vegetarians by eating fish and calling it paerve, or just say I am bi-vegetarian.

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Long Time, No Type

I hope no one feels bad, but I have been a non-posting guy lately. Lots of obnoxious religious stuff going on, primarily the murder of a brave doctor by a nut-job in Kansas.

Frankly, I have been avoiding the news at all costs. I now only listen to the classical station. No news, no traffic, no weather. Just the time and what sonata in G is coming up next. Ignorance truly is bliss.

So, here is a bit of Atheist fun. Gore Vial debating some spiritual types. This via Queer the Pitch.

Next, a bit of offensiveness. As Sade would tell you, disparaging a religious figure is not a validation of him, but certainly entertaining.