Friday, March 6, 2009

Cali Supreme Court is Looking at Prop 8

I, for one, hope they overturn this. Prop 8, btw, banned(?) gay marriage in California as the result of a referendum. People say gay marriage lessens the sanctity of their marriage. Well, I am an Atheist who was married catholic. I even lied to the priest about being confirmed and all that jazz just to keep all the parents happy. Shouldn't that invalidate your christian union more so?

Anyway, you want to talk about an economic stimulus? Start letting gays and lesbians have weddings. Weddings are expensive and involve a great deal of (generally) local vendors. Increase the slice of the population that can throw a bunch of money around for a party, and you'll see some people working, or at least eating this month.

Last bit on this. Why is it that the referendums are always:

_ Yes, I want to ban gay marriage
_ No, I don't want to ban gay marriage

Why is it never:

_ I want to ban gay marriage
_ I want gay marriage to be legal

Probably because those making decisions (for the most part) do not want to legalize gay marriage. They just want to know how hard a line they can take against it.

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