Sunday, February 15, 2009

"Tramp the Dirt Down"

Please forgive the indignation from the Way-Back Machine here, but I was listening to Sarah Vowell's The Wordy Shipmates last night (we are true romantics, listening to theocratic history on the drive to Valentine's Day dinner), where Ms Vowell rips Ronald Reagan a new one for a good three tracks. She mentions this song by Elvis Costello, where he hopes to live long enough to dance on Margaret Thatcher's grave. For Vowell, and myself, Reagan is that same monster. He is worse than George Bush, H.W. or W., in that he started all the mess we are in today and is idolized by America's more repugnant citizenry. Enjoy.


  1. Back in the '80s Reagan and Thatcher seemed like one hybrid, hate-filled creature, crushing all humanity and common sense before them. Check out The Dead Kennedys' Kinky Sex Makes The World Go Round ( available on Give Me Convenience Or Give Me Death ): it seems to sum up their relationship pretty well.

  2. I like the Kennedys. I bought Frankenchrist on the 4th of July one year. I was feeling pretty unpatriotic I guess :-)