Thursday, February 19, 2009

Hmm... Google Ads stupid, or trying to be inclusive?

I found a link on A is for Atheist today that was pretty funny, godcam (live!).

I think we all know what I found there, but just in case you haven't guessed and/or don't want to follow the link, the "camera" portion is black with the words "Still Not Here."

Like everything else, there are Google Ads on the site. Six of them. The first two, maybe, make sense:
  • "2D & 3D CadCam. Free Demo: Easy to Learn & Very Affordable See for yourself. Try Our Free Demo" - okey, at least Cam is in there.
  • "The Dark Side: Learn about Sarah Palin's Religion" - dubious, but is titled The Dark Side.
The next two are to the side, and pretty spot-on:
  • "Find Atheist Females: Take The True Compatibility Test & Find a Atheist Match Right Now" - alright, a chance to get laid with someone who won't feel guilty about it afterward. I can dig it.
  • "Oxford Round Table Darwin: Dawkins leads symposium, Scientist 150th year of Origin" - Darwin & Dawkins. The real D&D.
Then it gets a little off-base...
  • "God Has a Plan for You: Here is a Prayer That Can Change Your Life" - hmm... I don't think this will be ironic.
  • "Science Sux: Tee-shirts for all metaphysical occasions" - uh-huh... Um, no.
While I can't really fault the reason these are here, it is a bit indicative of other problems with the intertubes. The page has the words "god" and "Atheism" so naturally the program that places ads will flip the electronic coin x number of times (six in this case) and decide whether to place a "god" ad or an "Atheism" ad. This dependency on scripting, this lack of any human input, makes things feel... well, a little retarded maybe? Print publishers are typically picky about what ads appear in their publications. For years Playboy would not take any advertising for hair-loss, or other old-uncool-guy products. Now they do, but they decided to. The scripted ads don't discriminate, but in this case they feed the christian; they get to find new atheist sites (if they mention both "god" and "Atheism").

I don't really have an end to this bit, so I'll just say good day.

"Good day."

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